Saturday, January 30, 2010

World's Best Survival Skills

* Making and Using the Bow Drill (Hard)

* Canadian Skin On Frame Canoe 1 (Hard)

* Canadian Skin On Frame Canoe 2 (Hard)

* Coil Basket (Medium)

* Beech Bark Container (Medium)

* Crafting a Fish / Eel Trap (Medium)

* Carving a Dish (Medium)

* Crafting a Classic Kuksa Cup (Medium)

* Making a Berry Picker (Easy)

* Making a Crook Knife Case (Medium)

* Processing Lime Bark Cordage Fibres (Easy)

* Cordage Making (Easy)

* Elderflower Cordial Recipe (Easy)

* Carving a Comb (Medium)

* Birch Tar Collection (Easy)

* Making a Whistle from Elder (Easy)

* Make a Woven Birch Bark Basket (Easy)

* Carve a Bullroarer (Easy)

* Making a Large Fishing Hook (Easy)

* Weave a Basic Wicker Basket (Medium)

* Make a Birch Bark Container (Easy)

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