Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eco Electric ATV

Electric All Terrain Vehicle the E-Force ATV

The All New Eco Electric ATV the E-Force is here. The first quiet, zero emission at tailpipe, adult sized electric ATV with adult sized power for extreme terrain and towing capacity. The E-Force’s mega torque electric drive system has more than three times the torque of similar sized gas ATV!!! A dream come true for farmers and property owners, its direct drive electric motor has the power to pull farming equipment, pull a trailer full of wood, fix fence posts, grade a horse arena, use inside barns and arenas without disturbing animals. The E-Force can handle rugged terrain, move small planes with a front hitch, and is perfect for Rangers to patrol parks, campgrounds, and large events. Hunter’s can easily sneak up on game, no more exhaust gas to give away your presence. Go on an Eco ATV moose tour, foliage ride in fall, or just ride in the woods with friends without disturbing the animals and environment around you. No more complaints from your neighbors about noise, The E-Force is power packed, quiet, and will reduce your hydrocarbon footprint!

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