Monday, February 25, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Sarah Silverman: Hilarious!

Beer Die: A Gentlemen's Game

Beer Die, a "gentleman's game," is a drinking game involving four people, a die, table, four solo cups, and beer. It combines the highly competitive nature, required skill, and tradition of sport with the copious beer consumption commonly found in other drinking games. Unlike most beer-based games, drinking and scoring are generally unrelated. There is no consensus on where the sport originated as numerous colleges and fraternities claim to have invented the sport. It is, however, generally believed that it originated in the state of Maine, namely at Colby College. Nobody has yet traced the history of Beer Die to Beer Pong, but the games share much of the same equipment. One legend has it that during a game of beer pong, a player stepped on and crushed the last ping pong ball, and a die was substituted in its place.

Why the Universe Must Have a Purpose by Rev Howard Taylor

Friday, February 1, 2008

Forest Giants of the Pacific Northwest

Book by Robert Van Pelt
"It features scientifically exact pen and ink portraits of about 100 specific giant trees of various species. The locations for each branch were done from laser measurements since there is no way to stand back and see (or photograph) such giants."

Notice the scale of the people (specks) at the base of the trunks.

Educate Yourself: Political Positions for 2008 Presidential Candidates

Clinton -
Obama -
McCain -
Romney -