Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Truth Behind the IRS and Income Taxes

I am posting this thread because there is a large misconception regarding the Income Tax. To start I would like everyone to grab a Social Security Card that has been issued and signed. Turn the card over and read the back of the card. It clearly states that "This card is the property of the Social Security Administration." It also says that it must returned to the SSA when requested. In order to activate the card it must either be signed or the number used.

In law, what was just created is known as a trust. A trust is defined as "a property interest held by one person for the benefit of another" Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (2009). In this particular case the piece of property is the card also known as the trust. In a trust agreement there is a trustee(s) and a beneficiary(s). In the relationship created by this particular trust you and only you have the capacity to act as trustee. Corp. U.S. creator of the SSA, is the beneficiary to the agreement.

Now on to the taxes. According to the Internal Revenue Code who owes taxes? The answer is, a taxpayer. Now who is a taxpayer? Can you guess? A taxpayer is a legal entity with a Tax Identification Number. All corporations have TINs and so do the Social Security Administration created trusts, which is the Social Security Number. Now really think about what is going on here. What number did you use when you applied for a job? What number did you use when you applied for a driver's license? If the answer is the Social Security created trust number then you were acting in the capacity of trustee for the benefit of Corp. U.S. What number did you use to register to vote? The tax identification number. Corp. U.S. only has the ability to collect taxes from its agencies, franchisees, etc. Bank accounts are also opened with these numbers. So who's account is it really? Sorry, but the truth is it is the taxpayer's account. Unfortunately, the majority of people have been ignorantly acting in the capacitee of trustee and have forgotten how to carry out private contracts not subject to the taxation of Corp. U.S.

One of the largest problems in the patriot movement is that Corp. U.S. is mistaken for the original jurisdiction government. I will outline the basics of how Corp. U.S. came to be. During the civil war, President Lincoln enacted Martial Law, which has not yet since been repealed. The government was financially in trouble and needed to act fast. The action that was taken was the creation of a corporation to carry out the business needs of the Government. The Organic Act of 1871 creates this corporation known as Corp. U.S. As all corporations need charters, what better charter to adopt than the Constitution. Corp. U.S. adopted the Constitution of the United States of America as the corporate charter making it nearly impossible to distinguish from the Original Jurisdiction Government. The seats to Corp. U.S. were filled and eventually the oj government seats became vacant.

In the the Bretton Woods Agreements, Corp. U.S. was quitclaimed to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The original jurisdiction government surely had no authority to do such a thing, which can only mean that it was the corporation. Corp. U.S. is not a government but rather a foreign controlled corporation that rules through contractual agreements created with the taxpayer. Fortunately, if you learn the law through self study you can reclaim your stewardship here on earth and take dominion over your land and property.

This was just a basic outline to get people interested in learning the truth in fact and law rather than trust third party sources. In order to do this it is necessary to learn the law for yourself in order to apply it. How can one act sovereign if he/she does not know the law in order to apply it. This is a Constitutional Republic, which is ruled by law. The reason we have lost our country is because of our own ignorance of the facts in law and our history.

To find out the truth from the facts in law (original documents or copies thereof) please vist and click on patriot mythology. Scroll down and read patriot myth 22 to discover the truth so you can be effective in reclaiming this Constitutional Republic.

SimplyThinkDreams Myth 22:
The combined myths regarding: “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, Money, IRS tax protestor causes and the allegation of the Russo video, “Freedom to Fascism”

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