Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Platform for Liberty: An Agenda for Legislative Action

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We, the People of the United States, over-burdened, over-regulated and over-taxed by both state and federal governments, hereby offer to our respective state legislative Assemblies and local officials a plan we have developed for the restoration of liberty within these States of our American Union. We expect public servants to, in fact, represent us. These are our wishes. All other business of our respective States and communities notwithstanding, this Platform for Liberty is to receive top
priority. This platform may be adopted, and/or endorsed, by both existing elected officials, and candidates for elective office in upcoming local, state and national political campaigns. The expectation is that those sworn to uphold the respective state and federal constitutions will act accordingly. Those who do not appropriately represent both the people and their respective constitutions will be replaced, at our first electoral opportunity, with someone who will.

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