Thursday, September 3, 2009


BAGJUMP is a new and innovative tool to practice freestyle jumps safely!

It is a giant multi chambered Airbag used instead of a hard landing to practice new Tricks and have fun without getting hurt.

BAGJUMP can be used for Snowboard, Ski, Freeclimb, Mountianbike, BMX, Freefall, Slackline, Parcour, Skateboard BigAir, SMX and many more!

Top professional athletes are into BAGJUMP-Practice on a regular base to improve their skills and get ahead of others in their sport without taking the risk of injuries! Check out the Pro-Team section!
Due to the unique Chamber-&-Air-Release-Safety-System you can try any trick you want without worrying about hard crashes! BAGJUMP catches you softly!

BAGJUMP stands for safety! All products are built of the most durable tear resistant lightweight fabric available for enhanced landing Softness and durability!

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