Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My first friend ever getting shot and saved by a bullet proof vest in Iraq

Soldier Saved By Bullet Proof Vest - Watch more free videos

The following is a letter of appreciation from PFC Stephen "Doc" Tschiderer, U.S. Army

Dear Point Blank,

First let me say thank you for saving my life!! I am forever grateful!!!! My name is PFC Stephen Tschiderer, and I am currently deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. Yesterday, July 2, 2005, I was on patrol and while providing security around my Humvee, I was shot by a sniper. This sniper was using a Draganov sniper rifle with AP rounds. The round struck me at an angle and did not come through the SAPI plate. Enclosed are some pics of the plate and what the round did to me, which thanks to you guys is only a small mark. My family and everyone that knows me sends our thanks and keep up the GREAT work.

PFC Stephen “Doc” Tschiderer
E Troop 101 CAV 256BCT
Baghdad, Iraq

CNN interview at... http://www.pointblankarmor.com/news.asp#

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