Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The World's Best Driving Roads...

Top Gear takes a Porsche, a Lamborghini, and an Aston Martin racing car out to find the best driving road in the world.

The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the greatest driving road in the world. Stretching for 7.3 miles and climbing nearly 4,000 feet, it boasts 60 corners and a surface so smooth that it would flatter a racetrack. It could easily be described as the eighth wonder of the world, but almost nothing is known about its creation.

From Forbes; the roads showcased as the world's finest are not based on our opinions; they are based upon the opinions of experts, including automotive executives and chief engineers. We asked for their opinions with no qualifications, allowing them to call certain roads their favorites for any reasons they chose.

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